Building our knowledge

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We’re at an interesting point in time in the Auckland New Zealand economy.

Doing business today is a lot different to how it was just 5 years ago – well, if you intend on building a successful business that is, and one that will still be around in 2020.

The key though is not just surviving through to 2020, it’s about using the way the current economy is to your advantage so that you grow and prosper in the coming years.

This is the time to be doing the things that the competition aren’t doing, marketing and growing market share. Most businesses are feeling the pinch so are cuttiing back on advertising and marketing because they see it as an expense rather than an investment.

Having said that though, it’s not a matter of just doing what you’ve done in the past, it’s about doing it smarter and more effectively, measuring the results and improving how you do it, then rinse and repeat.

Businesses that fit this new way of doing things are included here, more to come as well.


Signing up for Spit Roast Hire Cost

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Planning a wedding is time consuming. Making sure that everything runs like clockwork is expensive time wise and money wise. It does pay to contract a wedding planner and caterer to handle everything related to your wedding.   They know what to do and their work speaks for itself. Turning dreams to reality is what they do best. One of the best in the industry is Southern Spit Roast and BBQ Company. They have packages that bring down the spit roast hire cost down but they also provide quality services.

How do they manage to host lovely weddings at amazing locations on affordable prices? They have come up with packages that the brides and grooms find useful. The menu package deals with different types of foods available.  Each has the spit roast as its main meal. They also serve hot vegetables, fresh salads, freshly baked bread with butter and desserts. They also have food for those guests who need something different because of health and lifestyle issues. They are well catered for. Sign up and enjoy affordable services from the spit roast company for hire at an affordable cost.  Have a look at their website and see the different packages they have available.  They target different budgets and provide great services.

This company has affordable services. It does pay to have them on your side. They have the experience and interest. They have come up with a great food menu package. It has all that a New Zealand couple expects ad then some. They even prepare food for guests that have special dietary needs. This is why the bride has to sit down with the chef so that they can discuss all the details. Guests will be pleasantly surprised to realize that they really were thought of. All this comes at a great price. Spit roast hire is cost effective as well as high quality.

The staff at Southern Spit Roast and BBQ is well trained. At any event they go about their work in an unobtrusive manner. This had earned this company great reviews. Guests are pleasantly surprised that they can be served with minimal interruption.  They are also friendly. Apart from that they are uniformed making it easy tosspot them. Guests find this useful as they can quickly identify them should they need their assistance. The owner of this business throws in a luxurious car and chauffeur for large ceremonies. This is a pleasant surprise from spit roast hire at a great cost.

Getting in touch with this company is easy. Their website is user friendly and has all the different ways prospective clients can reach them.  They have photos of some of the locations they have for hire and some of the events they have catered. Get in touch and let them help turn your dreams into reality.  Their motto your wedding plus our involvement equals your success sums up what they do. They do know how to make your day extra special.


What People Are Saying about Nitrofill

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Car dealers all over the world are promoting the use of nitrogen in the tyres of the cars they sell. It’s not uncommon to buy a new or used car and be asked by the dealer if you would like nitrogen put in your tyres. That’s because they know the benefits of filling tyres with nitrogen.

Nitrogen Is a High-Performance Filler

Nitrofill reviews often speak about the great performance people are getting out of having nitrogen in their tyres. Just look at the kinds of vehicles that use nitrogen regularly as an alternative to oxygen. Race car drivers for both Formula One and NASCAR and military personnel who drive their vehicles through rough terrain all rely on nitrogen in their tyres.

If you read the Nitrofill reviews these kinds of people are writing, you can see that they know how important nitrogen is in their tyres for tough conditions. As their tyres heat up, the nitrogen naturally cools down the tyres resulting in less wear on the tyre materials. Over time, water can get inside tyres that are filled with oxygen and erode them. This makes them need replacement sooner and can cause flats more often. But with nitrogen, the water is kept out and tyres last for longer.

The nitrogen tyres also create better gas mileage and smoother handling for drivers. The Nitrofill reviews attest to these facts by referencing tests conducted on nitrogen tyres.

The Rising Popularity of Nitrogen Tyres

As more and more people use nitrogen in their tyres, numerous companies are capitalizing on the popularity of the product. But the Nitrofill reviews prove that this higher grade nitrogen filler is the best one available on the market. It is designed to perform well, even under the most punishing conditions. And it is backed by a warranty that ensures drivers have the coverage they need when it counts.

This warranty covers tyre replacement and towing in case of a flat tyre. Drivers are given all the assistance they require to get back on the road safely and quickly with the Nitrofill warranty.

Many Nitrofill reviews ( tout this feature as one of the reasons why they chose this brand over others. They like the security that the warranty offers them and the guarantee of coverage makes them feel good about using the product. If the company that creates it is willing to stand behind their product so firmly, then many people reason it must be worth using.

So why hasn’t nitrogen been used more often? It’s simple- the technology was primitive for a while, making the cost of producing nitrogen very expensive. Only wealthier drivers, such as those aforementioned race car drivers and military personnel, were able to afford to put nitrogen in their tyres. That has changed in recent years with the advent of the Nitrofill generator, which makes the process very cheap. Now everyone can enjoy the high performance and added safety of having nitrogen in their tyres.



Do You Have Business Exit Management In Place?

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Starting up your own business was such an exciting time in your life, you worked day and night to get the company off the ground, you sacrificed time with the family and found your own health suffering under the burden.

After years of working three hundred and sixty five days a year and probably more than eighteen hours a day, your body can’t take anymore, you’re burnt out, you’re exhausted and the doctors have told you it’s time to slow down.

Slowing down isn’t easy for a business owner that has put their life and soul into their business, without an exit management plan in place, the only option is to close the doors, leave the staff jobless and spend your days wondering how to make further money without the stress.

Exit Management Plans

Every business owner should have an exit management plan in place from the day they start their company to the day they manage to leave. It’s very difficult to leave your company in the hands of someone else, in some cases children take over the family business, but in a majority of cases this trust has to be handed to a loyal employee that has stood behind you since the beginning.
When you have worked so hard to get your company to where it is today, leaving seems an impossibility, though you know it’s a must for your own health and well-being. There isn’t one single sector that stands out more than another, all business owners are faced with this dilemma at some time during their careers.

Maybe you wake up one day and realise your daughter is dating, when did that happen? You were only throwing her a fifth birthday party yesterday. You have lost ten or more years dedicated to your company.

Introducing the Exit Management Professionals

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness and told to slow down at work or you’ve just realised that you want to spend time with your family rather than spending every minute at the office, you need to start making some exit management arrangements.

Business Exit Management Ltd is a company that helps people like you get out of their company for the maximum amount of profit and in a short period of time. Peter Vale is an author, event speaker and exit project manager that offers a practical approach to help you take control of your life and slow down the pace.

Peter will offer support and solutions to help you step back whether you want to sell your company for the most amount of money or you want to hand it over to a loyal employee who is ready to take over the reins.

Whatever you choose, Business Exit Management Ltd understand the difficult choice this is for you and are ready to help you make the changes you need to make with a full proof exit management strategy.

When it comes to exit management there are solutions to help you gain control of your life again and step back from your business with a clear conscious.

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How to locate the Very best Auckland Electrician For The Electrical Needs

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Here are a few guidelines to use for locating a great Auckland electrician in your area.

Licensing is definitely essential for practically any electrician. You must be certain that you’re finding ones which are registered and ideally master electricians if you’re going to be seeking an electrician.

The kinds of services an Auckland electrician can look after must be examined on also. You will find a variety of issues that electrician can take good care of. For instance, an electrician could work to analyze for wires found within the earth that may be located in front of a digging procedure can be used. Another thing an electrician can perform would be to fix damaged wires or perhaps a damaged fusebox. Regardless of what the concern is it will see whether that duty can be handled by a licensed electrician.

Past experiences are also significant. That is particularly significant because of the way that if the electrician isn’t competent to do something correctly there’s a potential risk of harms to your property occurring.

A great electrician such as Mark Swords Elelctrical works to manage numerous different issues using the appropriate tools. The greatest electricians will normally possess the most current tools for your work in addition to technology that may manage more jobs.

Auckland electricianIf you’re going to want services make certain to watch for all these parts of electricians. These parts comprise components, experiences and capabilities the electrician at heart has. Whenever you employ the electrician you could get more from the electric needs.

It’ll be critical to check into any references an electrician as also. The electrician must have references that imply details in the procedures the electrician has handled previously.

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What to look for in a 24 hour plumber in Auckland

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24 hour plumber AucklandPersonally I am one of those people that once I find a reputable Auckland 24 hour plumber that does a good job, I stick with them. The advantage to choosing a plumber that offers a day and night service, is that they are on call when you need them most.

You never know when things are going to go wrong and being a homeowner you have to be prepared for absolutely anything. That dreaded sound of dripping water or pouring water in the middle of the night when it’s not raining or the water pipe that bursts flooding your entire home.

The plumber you choose should offer a professional and reliable service. Ideally it should be a company you are comfortable welcoming into your home and then able to leave them to get the job done with confidence.

This is why when I find a reliable and reputable 24 hour plumber Auckland, they go on my speed dial and are the only company I will use in the future. The reason is when you have a burst pipe at two in the morning, you’re not going to be able to phone around for references, which means you take a risk of the plumbing company you allow through your doors.

Finding a 24 hour plumber in Auckland isn’t too difficult, so there are a few things that I look for in the company I choose to invite into my home.
The first thing I always ensure is that the plumber offers a quality customer service from the minute I phone them to when the job is completed. I want a professional and qualified team of plumbers to arrive at my door and understand the job at hand and how to fix it.

Another thing I always look out for is whether they are members of the Auckland Association of Master Plumbers, are they a member of the Master Plumber Quality Assurance Programme and do they offer a Master Plumbers Guarantee? While this may not sound important to you, it is to me because it enables me to use the Auckland 24 hour plumber with complete confidence.

Another very important aspect in finding the right plumber is that there shouldn’t be any job that is too big or too small. I have absolutely no DIY experience so I want to be able to call a plumber to change the washer on my tap or repair a roof leak.

Ross’s Plumbing is a 24 hour plumber in Auckland offering plumbing, drainage and gas services in the Auckland area. This company offers the very best in customer service and is available whether you need your dishwasher installed, your hot water cylinder repaired or your bathroom renovated.

Ross’s Plumbing has years of experience and have a team of professional and qualified plumbers that are on call day and night to handle any size job from drainage problems to installing hobs and working on gas systems.


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Roofing Solutions Made Easy

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One of the biggest expenses as a home owner is your roofing. Ask any homeowner and they’ll probably say there are two things they don’t want to happen, first is that a water pipe bursts flooding their home and the second will be that they may have to replace or repair their roof.

When it comes to your roof it can be daunting because it’s something not many of us have knowledge about. This can be a big risk when choosing a suitable company to carry out any work because you can only hope that they will carry out the work to a high standard, offer professional service and will do the work that needs to be done without claiming there is additional work to be done.

That’s why when it comes to roofing Riteline Roofing is a solid choice. This company is family owned and operated with over twenty years’ experience in the building industry.

Offering a reliable, honest and trustworthy experience, Riteline Roofing is the top choice when looking for roofing professionals that you can trust. This team of professional roofers are qualified, experienced and have an eye for detail. Riteline Roofing offers a value for money solution for all your roof requirements along with a very high standard of craftsmanship.

What Do They Do?

It’s all well finding an Auckland roofing company, but you need to feel completely comfortable with them, what they offer and how they will carry out the work, especially if you don’t have much knowledge when it comes to your roof.

Riteline Roofing offers both long run and asphalt shingle roofs with a range of products and services to meet the requirements of each individual customer. They handle both new installations, repairs, inspections and maintenance so if you are unsure you need a completely new roof and repairs may be all you need, they will carry out a full inspection and offer you the advice you need on how to proceed.

Best of all Riteline Roofing will handle all your roofing requirements using only high quality materials whether you are looking to re-pitch your roof, remove moss or recoat the roof. They will do it all.

From asbestos removal to converting tile roofs to long run solutions, Riteline Roofing offers a complete supply and fix roof solution see more at

As a home owner you never know what will go wrong next and need to have faith in the company working on your biggest investment. A home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make and you want that peace of mind that the company you choose to replace or repair your roof is professional and qualified to manage the job at hand.

With over twenty years’ experience you know you are in really good hands when you choose Riteline Roofing. With a solid reputation throughout the area and a team of qualified and experienced roof contractors, you can sit back and relax and let them do all the hard work for you.

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